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The Thrill of the Chase: Annual Leaderboard Challenge 2023

Written by: Rafal Kukla | Published on: December 4, 2023 | Edited on: December 6, 2023
I'm filled with immense pride as we look back on our 2023 Leaderboard Challenge. It's been a year marked not just by competitive spirit but by the incredible sense of community that defines our club. Every pedal stroke and every climb was a testament to the commitment of our members.
A Surrey Cycling Club rides down a street.
A Surrey Cycling Club cycling down a road.

The Challenge Unfolded

Our leaderboard featured a mix of Strava segments, carefully selected to cater to all riding styles – from hill climbs to flat sprints, including:

I am continually amazed by the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our members. Their individual efforts in tackling these segments were voluntary, yet they embraced the challenge with a passion that truly embodies the spirit of our club.

While these segments were not group activities or formal races, the individual efforts of our members were nothing short of remarkable. In line with our values, the club, with support from our friends and sponsors, provided tokens of recognition for exceptional effort. These acknowledgements highlight dedication and personal achievements, rather than just winning.

This year, we introduced gifts and tokens of recognition, not as awards for winning but as symbols of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our members. Our generous friends and sponsors helped make this possible, and for that, we are incredibly thankful.

Celebrating Our 2023 Achievers

As the year draws to a close, we want to commend our members for their fantastic participation and efforts.

Overall Points Winners:

🥇 Paul C
🥇 Tanya M

Honorable Mentions:

🥈 Tim P
🥈 Jamie
🥈 Terry
🥈 Sarah
🥈 Hannah
🥈 Terence

Special Acknowledgement: Hill Climb Event Winners

🥇 Thomas S (Overall)
🥇 Hannah (Female Category)
🥇 Ian C (Over 50+)

Gratitude to Our Sponsors and Partners

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our sponsors and partners for their invaluable support and for providing tokens of recognition to our participants in 2023!
Partner: Hoops
Partner: Fudges Cycles
Partner: Maison du Velo
Partner: Veloforte
Partner: GCN
Partner: Kalas
Partner: Sundays
Partner: Muc-Off
Partner: Bike Hero
Partner: Chapeau!

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Final thoughts

As we continue to grow, now boasting over 115 active members, my gratitude for this incredible community only deepens. We invite you to join us, to be part of the Surrey Cycling Club family, where every ride is an adventure and every cyclist is valued.
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Author Rafal Kukla
🚴‍♂️ Pedaling the path of passion, I'm the founder and chief cycling enthusiast at Surrey Cycling Club. When I'm not steering the wheel of our vibrant community, you'll find me navigating the world of tech, offering bespoke Managed IT Services to the Apple users and WordPress aficionados. Balancing work and wheels with family fun makes my life a thrilling ride! Let's cycle together, shall we? 😊

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