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Our Journey

Welcome to Surrey Cycling Club, a community where heart-pounding rides meet the warmth of friendship and the thrill of discovery. Born from a simple yet profound love for cycling, our club has grown into a vibrant tapestry of cyclists united by a shared passion for the open road.
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A group of cyclists posing for a photo.

Beginnings of Passion

Surrey Cycling Club's story is one of passion ignited under the early morning sky. It began in September 2020 when Rafal, our club's founder, noticed a gap in the local cycling community and decided one evening to start social, and friendly road cycling club.
A group of cyclists posing for a photo in front of a sign.
First Organised Club Ride

From Idea to Reality

These serene, early morning rides weren't just about avoiding traffic; they were a celebration of the sport, the landscape, and the joy of cycling. This satisfaction and love for cycling led to the birth of what was initially known as Sunrise Cycling Club, capturing the essence of those early rides.
The scc logo with a person riding a bike on the road.
Sunrise Cycling Logo
A man cycling with Surrey Cycling Club on a road in Surrey.

Juan Manuel

" Awesome cycling club that is friendly and encouraging at the same time..."
A man on a bike smiling in front of a house, representing the Surrey Cycling Club.

James E.

" Well organised club...with great routes and amazing fellow members."
A woman wearing a pink bike helmet and sunglasses at a Surrey Cycling Club.


" To the Ladies out should sign up and join us for a social ride soon. "

Gathering Momentum

The club's unique concept of sunrise rides quickly resonated with local cyclists. As we shared our adventures on Strava and social media, more and more riders joined, attracted by our shared passion and the novel idea of starting their day with an exhilarating ride, yet being back home in time for their morning routines.
A group of cyclists riding bikes down a road.
First Club Kit

A Community Forms

The club's growth was organic but swift. By the end of 2020, we had become an official entity, affiliated with British Cycling, laying down the groundwork for future expansions. In early 2021, our community began to flourish. Our rides became more frequent, longer, and more adventurous, drawing in cyclists from all over the local area.
A group of cyclists posing for a photo at a picnic table.
Club in early days at Velolife

Redefining Ourselves

As the club evolved, so did our identity. The name 'Sunrise Cycling Club' began to feel limiting. Our community was about more than just sunrise rides; it was about shared experiences, personal growth, and a love for cycling in all its forms. In the summer of 2021, we embraced a new name that better reflected our broadened scope and inclusive nature: Surrey Cycling Club.
A cycling jersey with yellow and blue stripes.
Current Kit

Embracing Our Heritage

With our new identity, we introduced our first official kit. Inspired by the Surrey County flag, our navy blue and yellow design not only represented the club's spirit but also paid homage to Surrey's rich history. This design, rooted in tradition, visually and symbolically united our members.
A blue and yellow flag flying in the wind.
Surrey County Flag

A Flourishing Community

Since our rebranding, Surrey Cycling Club has continued to grow, not just in numbers but in the depth of our connections and the breadth of our activities. We've fostered partnerships with renowned cycling brands and local businesses, enhancing the benefits we offer to our members.
A group of Surrey Cycling Club cyclists posing in front of a yellow building.
Trip to Alpe d'Huez

Looking to the Future

Since 2021, our partnerships and redesigned Kalas kits have elevated our presence. Support from entities like GCN, Chapeau!, and Muc-Off, along with local bike shops, has been instrumental. Our growth to over 100 active members in 2023 stands as a testament to our welcoming and supportive community.
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Join our Story

Surrey Cycling Club isn't just about cycling; it's a journey of shared experiences, growth, and community. We invite you to be a part of our story, to share in the camaraderie, the adventures, and the joy of cycling. Join us and find your place in a club that values every member and every ride.
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