Check what some of our Club Members say about Surrey Cycling Club and their experience with on our Club and Social rides.
A man cycling with Surrey Cycling Club on a road in Surrey.

Juan Manuel

" Awesome cycling club that is friendly and encouraging at the same time, No matter what your riding skills are. Come join us for a demo ride, no matter age, gender or level, you’ll enjoy the well planned rides and very interesting coffee stops (those are vital). "
A man on a bike smiling in front of a house, representing the Surrey Cycling Club.

James E.

" A well organised club, with great routes and amazing fellow members who are supportive and welcoming no matter your age/ ability. "
A woman wearing a pink bike helmet and sunglasses at a Surrey Cycling Club.


" To the Ladies out there who are nervous of joining a club where it is perhaps perceived to be Male dominant, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that my experience has been exceptional and you should sign up and join us for a social ride soon, I look forward to welcoming you 😊 "
A cyclist wearing a hat in front of a colorful background, representing Surrey Cycling Club.


" SCC is a great cycling club with regular rides and events. I joined as a beginner to cycling and was made to feel welcome and encouraged. The rides are well organised, safe, and arranged according to different ability levels. I would certainly recommend the club to others. "
A man from Surrey Cycling Club is posing for a photo.


" Hello am Danny, I have been with the club for a whole now and from day one I was welcomed with open arms the club have different levels of riding groups to short your riding style I highly recommend to club. We are like one big family hope to see you soon! "
A man representing Surrey Cycling Club sporting a cycling helmet and sunglasses.

Gaz B.

" Surrey Cycling Club has changed my life..... take that first step and come out with us for a ride. You will not regret it. I love it here. Proud to wear my club jersey. "
An older man sitting at a table with a cell phone.

Ian K.

" What a great club to join Surrey Cycling Club, from the very first meeting to my completing this years Ride London 100 with some of the members which I set as a goal before Covid, I have really enjoyed cycling with SCC. Look forward to the great rides that are put on by the team leaders. "
A member of Surrey Cycling Club is sitting on a bench in his cycling jersey.

Felipe T.

" Best cycling club anywhere best club best members best organiser 👌 "
A member of Surrey Cycling Club rides a bike on a bridge.

Bobby M.

" Surrey Cycling Club is great to be a part of, not solely because of well planned rides/events/trips but because of the people that make it. SCC has many active members of all levels, male and female alike, and they're ALL amazing. "
A man in a Surrey Cycling Club jersey is smiling in front of a sign.

Ian R.

" From the first day I joined everyone could not made me feel more welcome it they tried. Still remember my first ride around the Surrey hills. From then on I new there was no looking back. This was the club for me. "
A cyclist wearing a bike helmet and sunglasses.


" I have been members for a year and our club is Friendliest cycling club in Surrey, Well organized. Great bunch of people."
Surrey Cycling Club riding down a road.


" Surrey Cycling Club is ideally situated in Weybridge and excellent for new road cyclists like me as I have not only learned lots on the road in a safe way but also off the road through the various forums available. Looking forward to the Summer Social events too! "
A man is giving a thumbs up while riding for Surrey Cycling Club.


" I wish I'd joined SCC sooner, as my cycling has noticeably improved since I joined the club. I've been riding longer distances and pushing my limits more often, where I would have slowed down or stopped had I been riding on my own. "
A man sitting on a boat in Surrey Cycling Club with sunglasses on.


" ....it has been the best decision I ever made. We have weekly rides and mid-week summer rides, annual events which are very well-organised... "