Our Club Kit

Our club kit is more than just attire; it's a symbol of our identity and a celebration of our heritage. Designed with a deep understanding of what it means to be a part of Surrey Cycling Club, our kit reflects the essence of our community's spirit. Inspired by the Surrey County flag, the navy blue and yellow hues intertwine to create a design that is as visually striking as it is meaningful.
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A Bit of History

Our Jersey coloristic is truly embedded in Surrey History. Inspired by the Surrey County flag, our navy blue and yellow design not only represents the club's spirit but also pays homage to Surrey's rich history. This design, rooted in tradition, visually and symbolically unites our members.
Surrey cycling club jersey. The men's cycling jersey with yellow and blue stripes.

Surrey Cycling Logo

Our Logo is made simple and represents exactly what Surrey Cycling Club is all about - Cycling! It features "SCC" for Surrey Cycling Club, with the "S" stylised as a cyclist and the "CC" formed from wheels, symbolising our core passion and unity.
Surrey cycling club jersey.

Club Officers

Our Club officers wear a special version of our Jersey with unique crowns on their shoulders. This distinctive feature helps members and the public identify our Club officers, who are the backbone of our club. They ensure our club runs smoothly, is politics-free, and focuses on the joy of cycling.
Surrey cycling club jersey. The men's cycling jersey with yellow and blue stripes.

Regular Club Jersey

Our Members wear the exact version of our Kit but without crowns on the shoulders. We offer various versions of our Club Kit, including different materials and cuts, catering to both male and female members, ensuring comfort and style for every rider.
Surrey cycling club jersey. The men's cycling jersey with yellow and blue stripes.
Kalas logo on a white background.

Our Kit Partner

As Surrey Cycling Club, we are proud to be in close partnership with Kalas. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and community aligns perfectly with our club's values. We look forward to growing alongside Kalas, continuing to provide our members with the best in cycling apparel.

Excellence in Cycling Apparel

Kalas Sportswear stands at the forefront of custom cycling apparel, leading the industry in Central and Northern Europe with a legacy spanning over 30 years. Born from a profound passion for cycling, Kalas has become synonymous with exceptional quality, innovative product development, and unparalleled customer service.
A woman riding a bike down a hill.

Quality Meets Innovation

Kalas products strike the perfect balance between top-tier quality and fair pricing. Their production combines the latest manufacturing technology with the expert craftsmanship of seasoned seamstresses. Operating as a family-owned entity, Kalas remains deeply rooted in its local community in Tabor, Czech Republic.
The back of a woman wearing a lime green cycling jersey.

A Rich Heritage of Cycling Excellence

At the heart of Kalas is a rich cycling heritage, a testament to their commitment to the sport. World Champions, Olympic Winners, and National Teams, along with professional outfits like the British National Cycling Team and Alpecin-Fenix, choose Kalas for their high standards. Thousands of recreational cyclists worldwide also wear Kalas, a brand that embodies excellence in every stitch.
A group of cyclists riding in a race.

Join our Story

Surrey Cycling Club isn't just about cycling; it's a journey of shared experiences, growth, and community. We invite you to be a part of our story, to share in the camaraderie, the adventures, and the joy of cycling. Join us and find your place in a club that values every member and every ride.
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