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Your Cycling Journey: A Group for Every Rider

Written by: Rafal Kukla | Published on: November 30, 2023 | Edited on: November 30, 2023
Joining a cycling club like Surrey Cycling Club isn't just about the rides; it's a journey towards better fitness, camaraderie, and enhanced cycling skills. In our club, you'll find a group tailored to every skill level, ensuring that your cycling experience is both challenging and enjoyable. Inspired by the 10 Benefits of Joining a Cycling Club, we offer a supportive environment where you can grow as a cyclist, make lasting friendships, and explore beautiful routes.
Surrey Cycling Club
Surrey Cycling Club

We're dedicated to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for cyclists of all levels. That's why we've carefully designed a variety of groups, each catering to different skill levels and cycling preferences.

Whether you're a beginner or an elite rider, there's a group for you.

Surrey Cycling Club

G1 The Gateway for Beginners

Group 1 is ideal for those who already possess basic bike riding skills and have some experience on the road. It’s the perfect group for beginners who are new to group riding but can comfortably handle a bike.

In G1, our ride leaders play a crucial role in maintaining a small and compact group. This approach ensures personal attention and a supportive environment for all members. Each ride begins with an important briefing, detailing the route, safety guidelines, and group riding etiquette.

It’s important for potential G1 members to understand that while we are eager to guide and develop cycling skills, we expect members to have fundamental bike-riding abilities. Our focus in G1 is to build upon these basic skills, enhancing road cycling capabilities and group riding techniques.

With a gentle cruising speed of 22-23km/h and minimal elevation over a distance of about 30 km, G1 rides are thoughtfully designed to bolster confidence and build endurance. If you're looking for a supportive start to your group cycling experience, G1 is the ideal place to begin your journey with us.

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G2 members to visit our explanation here.

Surrey Cycling Club

G2 Building Cycling Confidence

Group 2 is designed for those who have moved beyond the basics of cycling and are ready to engage more actively in their fitness journey. It's a great fit for cyclists who have mastered fundamental road skills and are looking to step up their game.

In G2, our approach is to nurture your cycling skills further. The group’s rides are slightly more challenging than G1, yet still maintain a nurturing and inclusive environment. Each ride commences with a detailed briefing that not only covers safety but also aims to enhance your understanding of more advanced cycling techniques and group dynamics.

The pace in G2 is a relaxed 23-25km/h, covering distances of 50-80 km with minimal elevation. This setup is tailored to help you gradually increase your endurance and confidence on longer rides. If you're looking to advance your cycling capabilities while enjoying the camaraderie of a group, G2 offers a supportive and progressive environment to do just that.

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G2 members to visit our explanation here.

Surrey Cycling Club

G3 Stepping Into Group Riding Techniques

Group 3 is tailored for riders who are comfortable with the fundamentals of road cycling and are seeking to challenge themselves further. This group is a fit for cyclists who are ready to embrace more advanced riding techniques.

In G3, we introduce dynamic riding styles like paceline riding or riding two abreast, which are essential for improved efficiency and speed. These formations not only enhance the cycling experience but also promote better energy conservation and group cohesion. The ride leaders in G3 are adept at guiding members through these new techniques, ensuring safety and confidence among the group.

With a cruising speed of 25-28km/h and potential elevations up to 500m over distances of 80-120 km, G3 rides are designed to develop your endurance and bike handling skills on varied terrains. If you're looking to elevate your cycling skills and enjoy the thrill of more technical group riding, G3 offers the perfect environment for growth and challenge.

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G3 members to visit our explanation here.

Surrey Cycling Club

G4 The Heart of Club Rides

Group 4 is a hub of activity and one of the most popular groups in our club. It's perfect for members who have a solid understanding of group riding skills and are ready to take on more significant challenges.

Members in G4 are not just participants; they are key players in supporting the group dynamics. They have the ability to safely navigate around the group, whether it's for chain-gang, paceline, or riding two abreast formations. Their skills and awareness significantly contribute to the group’s success and safety.

G4 rides push the envelope with a cruising speed of 28-30km/h and potential elevations of around 1000m over distances of 120-160 km or sometimes shorter. This group is where you refine your ability to handle longer and more demanding rides, solidifying your role as an experienced group cyclist. If you're ready to be a part of the core of our club rides and contribute actively to group support, G4 is your destination.

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G4 members to visit our explanation here.

Surrey Cycling Club

G5 The Ascent for Advanced Riders

Group 5 - As the saying goes, G5 is where 'men are separated from the boys' – a light-hearted way to indicate the significant step up in this group. G5 is for experienced riders with excellent fitness levels and an exemplary riding record.

In G5, it's not just about speed and pace, though both are notably faster. Members must fully grasp the concept of group riding and the importance of supporting the entire team in the peloton. A key aspect of G5 is the understanding that these are drop rides. This means all riders must be self-sufficient and prepared to ride solo if they can't keep pace with the group. While the group may slightly adjust the pace to offer support, the essence of G5 is about challenging oneself in a more competitive environment.

The group maintains a high pace of 30-34km/h, covering routes with over 2000m of elevation and distances exceeding 160 km. It's a challenging setting that prepares members for competitive scenarios while fostering advanced group riding skills.

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G5 members to visit our explanation here.

Surrey Cycling Club

G6 The Ultimate Playground

Group 6 is the zenith of cycling challenges within our club, designed to push members to their limits. It's not just about riding fast; it's a training ground for those aspiring to race.

In G6, the expectations are at their peak. Riders in this group must exhibit elite fitness, superior bike handling, and extensive experience in fast-paced, challenging environments. The rides in G6 go beyond the standard club ride, demanding exceptional endurance and speed, with cruising speeds exceeding 34km/h and elevations over 2000m for distances exceeding 160 km.

Most crucially, G6 operates on a 'drop' policy. This means riders should be prepared for the possibility of riding solo if they cannot maintain the group's pace. It's a group where individual resilience is as important as collective strength.

With cruising speeds exceeding 34km/h and rides can surpass 2000m in elevation over distances exceeding 160 km, G6 is the zenith of high-performance cycling within the club. 

Understanding Drop Rides: For a detailed understanding of our non-drop and drop ride policies, we encourage potential G6 members to visit our explanation here.

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Final thoughts: A Club for Every Cyclist

After three enriching years, thanks to extensive feedback and data from our wonderful members, we're in an enviable position to fine-tune our groups to cater to everyone's needs.

Surrey Cycling Club stands as a dynamic and ever-evolving entity, committed to being a cycling club that truly offers something for everyone.

Our aspiration is clear: to be the only club that provides a variety of rides aimed at the majority of cyclists, regardless of their skill level or aspirations. Whether you're just starting out or pushing the limits as an elite rider, you'll find your place and your pace with us. Join us in this exciting journey of cycling, community, and continual growth.

Author Rafal Kukla
🚴‍♂️ Pedaling the path of passion, I'm the founder and chief cycling enthusiast at Surrey Cycling Club. When I'm not steering the wheel of our vibrant community, you'll find me navigating the world of tech, offering bespoke Managed IT Services to the Apple users and WordPress aficionados. Balancing work and wheels with family fun makes my life a thrilling ride! Let's cycle together, shall we? 😊

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