A poster featuring a man riding a bike and promoting the Surrey Cycling Club.

Surrey Cycling Club: Our Poem

Written by: Surrey Cycling Club | Published on: March 16, 2023 | Edited on: November 30, 2023

In the land of Surrey, where the cyclists meet,
A club emerges, with passion replete.

Surrey Cycling Club, a road cycling crew,
United by love, in our jerseys of blue.

Surrey Cycling Club
Surrey Cycling Club poem

With group levels aplenty, for all to explore,
From novices to legends, there's so much in store.

Each level distinct, with challenges to face,
Together we ride, a harmonious embrace.

Level One, for the beginners at heart,
In social rides, their cycling journey starts.

Level Two, as their confidence ascends,
With gentle elevation, the adventure extends.

Level Three, the intermediate thrives,
In sixty-mile journeys, their vigor derives.

Level Four, the hills grow steeper,
Their endurance tested, they're quite the keeper.

Level Five, the advanced cyclists soar,
A hundred miles conquered, they hunger for more.

Level Six, the legends, unstoppable might,
For miles unending, they ride day and night.

In our club jerseys, we stand as one,
A symbol of unity, our bond is never undone.

Through the Surrey landscapes, our wheels spin,
With each pedal stroke, new friendships begin.

So come, join our ranks, and ride with glee,
In the Surrey Cycling Club, we're one family.

Together we'll venture, explore and achieve,
With open hearts, all are welcome to believe.

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Author Surrey Cycling Club
Surrey Cycling Club, established in 2020, unites cyclists of all abilities in Weybridge, Surrey. We promote inclusivity, personal growth, and camaraderie through organised rides, workshops, and events. Join our vibrant cycling family and experience the support and adventure that Surrey Cycling Club has to offer!

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